Tell them a good story.



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  • Another person thinking about how to improve your business

  • Years of big agency experience/one-man-band agility and attention to your project

Everyone likes a good story. Especially one with pretty pictures.


Telling good stories:

  • First of all, have a product or service worth telling a story about.
  • Be real. Don’t tell fish stories. They will see through it every time.
  • Just one plot per story. Don’t cram a hundred messages into every communication.
  • People like stories with pictures—use clear, compelling visuals (words can paint pictures too).
  • Make it simple and memorable.
  • Tell a story that your customers can easily (and eagerly) share with their friends.


What, still reading? Here’s some more on getting your company’s message across by telling interesting, true stories:

Although your business story isn’t a tuck-your-kids-in-bed kind of thing, it can and should have similar elements. What makes a good story? There’s going to be something intriguing—you won’t give away the exciting ending in the first few pages. It will have style. The plot will be easily understood. There will actually be a plot. And when a story has pretty pictures—even if they are just verbal pictures—it has that much more attention-holding power. Let’s work to find your company's best story and then create visually clean and effective ways of sharing it. 

Although the term corporate storytelling has been around for quite some time, many places just aren’t getting it right. Usually the problem lies in the fact that the company is trying to cram too much plot into one story. “We sell this widget, but we also have this service which ties into that program and by the way, did we tell you we’re having a sale? Buy it now!!!” Most people I know don’t go out of their way to pay attention to marketing in the first place. If you don’t keep it simple, intelligent, and worth sharing, your efforts are lost in the Great Big Noise.

I’d love to chat about what exciting things your company has to tell the world. Call me and we’ll begin the process of creating a beautiful way to tell your story. My direct line: 617.610.0186