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  • Branding, Identity, and Marketing

  • Helping you look good

  • Intelligent design for your website, printed materials, and other communication mediums

  • Another person thinking about how to improve your business

  • Years of big agency experience/one-man-band agility and attention to your project





Get your scroller warmed up and view a few samples of my work below. 






Microsoft ESMD Campaign

These preliminary designs for Microsoft's emerging market initiative begin to tell a story about technology and its ability to improve lives in every corner of the world. 





Choice Humanitarian Annual Report

This nonprofit client needed an annual report to help communicate the impact they are having in places that need it most. I was given a handful of amateur snapshots as the main photographic content. The great challenge was to take average-looking photos and create a final layout that didn't look average. (Professional photography is one of the first things that can make the difference between your neighbor's nephew's girlfriend vs. intelligent, well-crafted design.) With some creative styling, this annual report was completed with a branded look that didn't appear snapshotty at all. (Yes, that's a word.)





Amgen NBU West Region: Vision and Mission Statements

A wise executive director of sales, knowing the power of thoughtfully designed communication, decided to create a brochure to share this Amgen team's vision and mission statements rather than casually type out a quick and dirty Word doc. Quick and dirty usually ends up...well...dirty.





Elizabeth Stewart Dunford Website

My wife's website for her ongoing music project. A clean, open interface gives the site a welcoming and peaceful place to rest your tired cursor.





2007 Deaflympic Posters

These posters for the 2007 Deaflympic Winter Games take their inspiration from signing instruction manuals. Instead of showing how to sign, "That was some sweet air, dude!", I have shown the moves themselves. I was pleased to help with this project and learned valuable lessons from the deaf community.





webMethods Magazine Spread

Jeff Paris (the writer on this project) and I had fun with a series of ads for webMethods. After flipping through some of the magazines where the ads might appear, we decided that giving the ads a look not customary for tech mags would be to our client's advantage. Their market space is very crowded. Let's go with a creepy carnival backdrop. Never fails. Doing the unexpected can be the very thing that gets you seen and heard.





Prickly Pear Restaurant Logo

Fun name for a restaurant. The task here was to show a fresh and friendly southwestern dining experience. Cacti don't have the most welcoming appearance though. This logo skirts the issue and presents a fresh-salsa-dripping-on-the-page look and feel.









Microsoft Office Can Campaign

The Office story: Once there was this software giant who realized that its top-selling product suite could do way more than what a lot of developers knew it could. We helped them tell their story by showing the developer community what other clever software architects were doing with the same software available to them. Systems to aid in the cure of cancer; software that supports the work of environmental agencies; and even programs that make designing roller coasters more efficient were just a few of the interesting solutions we found. Wow, Office can do a lot of things. The Office Can story begins.


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