They judge you by your cover.

You’ve already judged mine.

Three seconds in and you’ve generated an opinion about me by my website. Your cover might be a website, an annual report or perhaps a storefront. Your cover is the kind of service you provide and the tone of voice with which you greet your visitors. It’s your typeface, your photography and your writing style. You most likely have many covers to many stories that your business tells. Let’s make the covers, and the stories inside, look great and look smart.

Microsoft Can Campaign

Your company’s story doesn’t start with,

“Once upon a time there was this dragon and a pink princess...” It’s more like, “Once there was this software giant who realized that its top-selling product suite could do way more than what a lot of developers knew it could.” Microsoft had this very storyline. We decided to help them tell their story by showing the developer community what other clever software architects were doing with the same software available to them. Systems to aid in the cure of cancer; software that supports the work of environmental agencies; and even programs that make designing rollercoasters more efficient were just a few of the interesting solutions we found. Wow, Office can do a lot of things. The Office Can story begins.

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